Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Lorax craftivity

Wow! Times has gone by so fast! Is it really Thanksgiving this week? I have only two days of school. I am kind of dreading it since I know the kids are going to be wired! I plan on having a lot of activities that will keep them busy busy busy!

This week we had a blast! I am at an IB school (International Baccalaureate) and our current unit is about how Conflict causes Change. Sometime good can come from something bad and vice versa. We read the Lorax and then did a reader response craftivity. The kids LOVED it and we had a blast. I love the conversation we had going after the book. The kiddos are so insightful!

Aren't they so cute? I drew the mustache and traced them. Then the kiddos cut them out. So fun!

Wish me luck for the next two days!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post Halloween

Whew! I made it! I have to admit, after Halloween was worse than Halloween day! Must have been the sugar crash! Friday was TOUGH! I left school feeling so frustrated and vented a lot to my dear teaching friends. Then when I got home I watched the news and WOW! Watching the devastation of Hurricane Sandy really made me feel like a jerk. Talk about putting things in perspective! And here I was complaining about my hopped up on sugar kiddos when people have lost their homes. So I decided to stop whining!

We had such a blast on Halloween! Our district doesn’t allow any dressing up or any parties so I to figure out what type of “Fun” activity I could do that would still apply to what we are learning that also seemed “Halloweenish”. I saw the most adorable spiders on Pinterest and decided it would fit in with my curriculum perfectly! In reading we are working on expository text and for writing we are doing research. So I read the kiddos a book on spiders and then for our writing research we wrote down spider facts on the legs.
The kids LOVED it! They had a blast and wore their spider hats with relish! Here is one of my cuties in her spider hat.

We are definitely doing this next year!

I also started to gear up for Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday! I LOVE it! I can't wait to get started on our Thanksgiving history lessons! I am in the process of creating a Thanksgiving count and color too! I'll post it next Friday. Here is my Thanksgiving themed decorated door!

I might have put it up too soon after Halloween because my kids thought it was a witch! LOL! I informed them it was a pilgrim. They still seemed a little confused! Guess what my read alouds will be this upcoming week? Yep. Pilgrims galore!

Talking about Thanksgiving makes me hungry- so I'm off to eat!