Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am always on the prowl for some sturdy storage! And boy did I ever score today! Big Lots is the store for teachers, let me tell you! I found some delightful bins that should stand up to some heavy duty storage. I plan on using the bigger ones for books and the smaller ones for manipulatives and such. The MAJOR find of the day was a beautiful chevron rug!  For only 19 dollars! I snagged that baby up right away. I am tempted to head back for another. I'm sure I'll find used for it someday, right?


  1. Any chance that you DID go back to snag another one & happen to wanna sell one? =) I am OBSESSED with that rug! They obviously don't sell it anymore, otherwise I'd have my own by now haha I just got my first teaching job & would give my right arm for that rug!

  2. I need this rug so bad! I can't find it anywhere :(