Friday, August 17, 2012


I am still in the process of getting my room organized and ready for school. Once I got my bulletin boards up I realized I was running low on polka dot border for one side of a display. Hmm....what to do? So I decided to make a giant flower to cover up the edge. It should also liven the corner up a bit too!

To start off, I made three separate stacks of tissue paper with anywhere from 5-8 pieces of paper. I then folded them over, and drew large, medium, and small sized petals.

Next - I cut them out!

First cut out the large sized petals. Unfold them, and staple one at a time to the wall. If you don't have a wall you can staple on, then use hot glue! That always does the trick for me!

Continue stapling and layering the large sized petals. Scrunching as you go!

Keep on layering and scrunching. When you run out of the large petals, starting scrunching and layering with the medium sized ones.

Keep on scrunching and layering until all the layers are gone!

Next - cut out a circle of brownish tissue paper. I used a couple of sheets. Staple or glue in the middle of the flower and crunch the edges.

To give the flower more texture and interest use Spanish Moss in the center of the flower. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars.

After stapling the moss - I realized I needed a stem! So I went to the handy dandy workroom and got some green butcher paper. FREE! I love using butcher paper because of that lovely aspect!

Do you like my lovely foot in the corner? Hehe! So I cut, rolled, and scrunched some green butcher paper, then stapled it along the edge of my bulletin board.

Hmmm...missing something. Perhaps some leaves?

I had to make the leaves lean to the left so I would have room on my bulletin board for math stuff!

And Voila! The finished product! A lovely ginormous flower to pretty up my classroom! I think I will make a couple more! Next up - some trees!

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