Monday, October 1, 2012

Gearing Up for Halloween!

For the last week in September my kiddos have been talking nonstop about their Halloween costumes. And now that October is upon us they are even more excited! I have a precious little girl who is going to be Red Riding Hood and her little two year old brother is going to be the wolf. How adorable is that?

I was so ready for September to be over! From here on out there is a holiday every month! Woohoo! So I decided to actually do something I saw on Pinterest and decorate a door! Here it is!

Basically I have this door in my classroom that links to another room. I usually put anchor charts on it but I decided to designate this door to whatever holiday is coming up. When my kiddos rolled in this morning they oohhed and ahhhed. They love it! Hmmm...what to do for November? A pilgrim? We'll see what I can come up with!

I also thought I'd post a quick activity we did in reading for elements of fiction - beginning, middle, and end. It is such a quick and easy lesson to do. You can pretty much read any fiction book and then have the students respond with a sticky note. I pause after reading the first two pages and have them respond, pause for the middle- response, and so on.

This is a lesson from the Comprehension Toolkit by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis. I love their books! They are so teacher friendly! It is easy to prep the lesson and the students are always into it.

I read "Where the Wild Things Are" - always a favorite with the kiddos. We had some great discussion about imagination and what is happening in the story. Such a great book!


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    1. Thanks Jennifer! Right after I put it up I decided maybe I should have done a witch? Maybe in a couple of weeks=)

  2. I love the beginning, middle, end idea. I'm pinning it:)

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  3. Thanks Barbara! It's a fun easy lesson to do!